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dear Cindy Alvionita and Joana Melias, you guys gonna be rock 14/15. i know both of you will be the strongest yet most mean ally in your team, but they gonna love you for that.

duo leo that have contradictive personalities, but complete and protect each other. you guys sometimes make me jealous, but i know that was a stupid feeling. maybe i won’t spend my time with both of you as much as you guys will be in (at least) the next one year, but my prayer always be by your side.

i guess the only reason why we’re not being siblings is because God knows there’s no mother in this world could handle us :)

from the bottom of my heart, i love you. always be a right person, not a good one. xx

"one of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder"

nona paling galak dan menyebalkan, butuh ilmu khusus buat memahami dia luar dan dalam

'whenever you feel bad, go get something sweet'

xx, 8th of April 2014

day plus 11

i’m doing what i think i should, chasing my dream, no matter what the result will be. God (will always) knows the best :)

gimana dong ya, bikin gejolak :)

what a sweet end of march!

after 16 years being together, this might be our very first time to go for a trip. i know it was not enough (or will never enough), but i bet we had the best experience. let’s go somewhere further cause other places are await.

Love. Taman Sari, Jogjakarta~

Empty and irritating. Good night :)

Thank you for the late-graduation-gift, Elvi Liliany! :)

another lesson learned from a show, America’s Next Top Model season 20.

i forgot in which episode, but it’s near the end of the whole show. there were three remaining models on the show, which are Jourdan, Marvin, and Cory. at that time the other models who already being eliminated could support one of them by being her/his supporter team. sadly, there was only a person (which was Chris) who support Jourdan. it’s a heartbreaking situation for her actually, she feels unloved and hated by them. but from what i see, she made this as a motivation for her to win the show, and she did it! she inspired me a thing 'no matter how people hate you or try to steal your victory, it won't happen as long as you don't allow them to swallow your belief and thought. it's all about you, not others'

i intended to looking for some quotes yesterday, so i decided to look at my old posts. did i find some? sure, but i found several things about me, or my tumblr.

i used to reblog anyone’s post, because at that time i feel that i’m bad at writing and i thought i could express or describe everything by photos, songs, or videos only. but then i changed my mind recently. my favorite girl, Cindy Alvionita, always ask me to write some. eventhough it’s hard at the beginning, but i push my self more. now it feels so much easier for me to express my feeling. since i’m an introvert person, i guess writing is one of the best treatment to help me or even release my stress.

i found my self deeply in love with something or someone, i even say ‘will always’ in some posts. heartbroken? not anymore. sad? not really. happy? yes, for some reasons. but a feeling that took place the most is granted for all i get through. i know God (will always) have the best plan for me. i let go of my past, i forgive my self, and i live my life happily.

'when you intended to find a thing, God usually show you some more (meaning) things. it's ok to let your self lost sometimes'

so sad to find my self who won’t attend some of my friends’ graduation day on this upcoming saturday. let me greet you guys through this pict with one of my best girlfriends. because we know flowers are mainstream and so does doll, then we finally choose to give a postcard (sorry for our narcism). i really wish a brighter future for all of you! see you on top! love!